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"We would like to thank you for everything during this journey. It was perfect!"
Delphine & Diego, HK to HK, 2017

"Thank you for your wonderful and hard work! We enjoyed the wedding very much!"
Nicole & Eugene, HK to HK, 2017

"Thank you very much for the lovely day you brought to me and Chris.  You guys did an amazing job and everything was perfect! I felt so lucky to have Bliss. You were like magicians. Because of you I could truly enjoy every moment of our wedding without worrying about trivial things.  The wedding was really beyond my imagination.  It was a dream wedding come true!"
Anny & Chris, HK to HK, 2017

"Bliss Creations was extremely good and professional. Particularly the services provided on the wedding day, making our wedding day hassle free. Honestly we don't think it would have been possible without the help of Bliss Creations."
Betsy & Hin, HK to Bali, 2017

"Can't imagine not having the Bliss team! We would have never been able to pull everything off with so many last minute changes and negotiations with hotel and vendors due to the weather.  Your team truly made our wedding day very special!"
Kelly & Su, HK to Danang, 2017

"We would just like to say thank you for helping create a great occasion for us and the memories that came with it, it was a memorable day. We loved your enthusiasm throughout the process of organising the day and you always helped with a “can do” attitude."
Remy & Dominic, Qatar to HK, 2017

"We thought that you guys were great throughout the planning process and on the day itself - thank you again for making everything run so smoothly!"
Johanna & Kaiting, HK to HK, 2017

"We're not sure exactly how to put into words just how incredible it was.  Every single one of our vendors were amazing. From the very first moment we met Sonya a year ago, we knew we were in the right hands. We feel that hiring Bliss actually saved us money in the long run. Bliss got our vision from day one and made what could have been a stressful process into a breeze.  Absolutely everything was perfect and we have nothing but amazing memories of the day. "
Emma & Jeremy, UK to HK, 2016

"We had a great time on our wedding day! We definitely saw the Bliss team putting in every effort and trying their best to have everything run smoothly and we absolutely thank you for that."
Denise & Graham, HK to Macau, 2016

"Thank you for making our wedding days such a memorable one! Our friends and family had an absolute blast."
Sylvia & Derrick, HK to Chiang Mai & HK, 2016

"What an amazing day! It met all our expectations and more. With all the last minute changes, you managed everything seamlessly. Thank you again!"
Claire & Rob, HK to HK, 2016

"It was everything we had expected. We loved the way the old and new Hong Kong featured in our events. Our guests had a wonderful time. Thank you to Bliss for making our day such a special one."
Rachael & Stephen, UK to HK, 2016

"The experience with the pre-wedding planning was very well managed and communication was great. We have always imagined it to be this way and it was."
Venus & Aaron, Germany to HK, 2016

"We were quite impressed by the amount of work that Bliss had done and their ability to handle last minute changes and requests. It was exactly what we wanted which was a fun wedding for our friends and famiy in a beautiful and relaxed setting."
Miranda & Stanley, HK to Danang, 2016

"The weekend's events in our eyes went perfectly and all of our guests have said it was one of the best weddings they have ever been to. Your hard work on the day totally allowed Yuki and I to enjoy ourselves. Thank you again for making our special day so perfect!"
Yuki & Russell, HK to Penang, 2016

"I would like to thank you for your effort throughout the weekend. It was definitely eventful and had lots of twists and turns but we all worked together quite well. We have been singing your praises since we’ve been back!"
Stephanie & Brian, HK to Phuket, 2015

"The wedding was amazing!  Thank you for all your hard work!"
Zoe & Paul, HK to HK, 2015

"Bliss were very, very helpful. We loved being hands on, but both work full time and couldn't possible take on everything ourselves. Bliss took care of things we didn't have the bandwith for. It was helpful in all the right ways. Working with Bliss was enjoyable and rewarding. They gave us the confidence that our plans for a uniquely personal outdoor wedding - spanning two venues - would come together perfectly on the day, and that's exactly what happened! Thanks so much!"
Nissa & Andy, HK to HK, 2015

"Thanks for your help on the day. We were very pleased with how it all went, so thank you for all your efforts!"
Natalie & Jasper, HK to HK, 2015

"We thought Bliss were great. We only received positive comments. Some even went as far to say it was the best wedding they had been to, which is extremely high praise."
Elaine & Nick, HK to HK, 2015

"We are truly happy and thankful for your work and efforts in making our unforgettable day really great!!"
Aicha & Marsels, Switzerland to HK, 2015

"Thank you Bliss Creations for the wonderful day! The set up was perfect, and the warm ambience was just what we were looking for. It wouldn't have been possible without your team!"
Karlyin & John, HK to HK, 2015

"Everything was excellent! It was fantastic and we are so happy. Thank you!"
Vivian & Charles, HK to Sydney, 2015

"As they say, the proof is in the pudding and most certainly we both were ecstatic with the outcome. Everything was well organised and left little for us to worry about. The flowers were exceptional and the venue was perfect. You expect to pay a premium for a premium service and that is exactly what was delivered."
Jenny & Ryan, HK to Bali, 2015

"Bliss Creations' team was very responsive and their services professional. We especially loved the design of the canopy - it was exactly as we had hoped. The overall impression of our wedding day was unforgettable; every detail was perfect!"
Sally & Yi, HK to Maldives, 2014

"We are so happy we chose Bliss Creations as our wedding planner. Everything came out exactly as we had envisioned and planned for."
Dawn & Zach, Singapore to Perth, 2014

"Bliss Creations gave an excellent service overall and was able to put together a wedding that was better than our expectations. The two of us were extremely happy on the wedding day with regard to all the preparations. The church venue, transportation and venue set up (especially the stage) were all better than we had imagined it. The end product was an outdoor, fusion of Western and Chinese style wedding luncheon that impressed us with the efficiency despite difficult logistics in 3 different locations."
Angie & Euan, HK to HK, 2014 

"From the beginning, Bliss Creations impressed me from the attitude and personality that the company emits. You took the time to get to know us and you invested time in us before we even signed on the dotted line. I think that is what made us so attracted to you. Nothing was ever a hassle. Our Australian wedding planner let us down on so many occasions that in the end I handled the planning of our Sydney wedding myself so I know the effort behind the scenes. I know how hard it is to coordinate such an amazing wedding. I felt like a true bride where I didn't have to worry about a thing, everything I thought about, you had already thought ahead of me. We werent in HK until a week before my big day and everything went so smoothly, reflecting on it brings a tear to my eyes! We love you guys and would recommend you in a heartbeat!!!"
Jenny & Stephen, Australia to HK, 2014 

"During the initial planning stages we were debating on whether to hire a wedding planner for the event. After our wedding we immediately thought, how could we have ever done this by ourselves? Sonya and her staff were so professional, hard working, and executed everything perfectly! We couldn’t be more happier with the service we received and were worth every cent! Thank you again to Sonya and her team!"
Jennifer & Cyrus, HK to HK, 2014

"We were very happy with the services provided by Bliss. Due to the complexity of our wedding and all the logistical challenges that came with it, we couldn’t have done it without them! All the guests were in awe. Everything went really well! It was worth every penny!"
Noortje & Rutger, HK to HK, 2013 

"We found Bliss to be friendly, caring and very understanding. We loved the attention to detail even for such a small wedding. They made our day unbelievably memorable through their creativity, thought process and organization skills and patience! Thank you!"
Gina & David, Australia to HK, 2013 

"Bliss is very detailed oriented and worked with our "3 in 1" wedding theme Chinese/Indian/Western -transforming the garden into what we wanted and it was absolutely amazing. They were attentive and followed up accordingly to make sure every detail was not missed on our big day. We were so glad we had a wedding planner and are even more glad we chose Bliss.  We would recommend them to our friends and family in a heartbeat.  Thank you so much for making our wedding day unforgettable for us and for all our guests!"
Candice & Rikki, HK to HK, 2012

"Enthusistic, professional, friendly, helpful, responsive, most certainly efficient and resourceful! Bliss was able to take away the stress of planning a wedding and allow us to enjoy the planning.  Thank you for making our wedding such a wonderful and memorable day for ourselves and our family and friends!"
Lui & Matthew, HK to Bali, 2012

"Fantastic apart from the weather which came close to ruining the whole thing which was out of our control but overall we were very pleased with the service provided especially on the day when the need for a planner was very apparent!"
Dawn & Stephen, HK to HK, 2012

"I can't emphasize enough how please we are with Bliss Creations. No request seemed too much or too trivial and the transformation from shack to a stunning wedding location was frankly incredible. You seemed to get where we were coming from, our humour, our style and tastes almost immediately and were rewarded with the perfect day. Every cent spent on your services was worth it multiple times over for the peace of mind, the stress reduction and the fact that it was better than we could have ever done on our own. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Jasmin & Matt, HK to HK, 2012

"We were using the services of a different planner initially, but we decided to part ways and hire Bliss Creations.  It was honestly the best decision we made. We were able to plan more with Sonya and Eunice in the two hours that we met with them in person, than we did for an entire six months with the other planner.  They had a clear understanding of the style and look and feel of what we wanted, and even offered many recommendations to make our ideas even better.  The two of them were extremely organized, attentive, and quick to respond – which is a big plus for a couple planning a wedding in HK from the U.S.  Thank you so much, Bliss Creations, for making our dream wedding become a reality!"
Betty & Liem, USA to HK, 2011

"Our wedding exceded our expectations and all our guests were very happy. Bliss was able to take our vision and transform it accordingly allowing us to focus on the aspects that mattered most to us while they arranged the dtails. Bliss was responsive to our needs and listened carefully to help us achieve the perfect day we desired."
Debbie & Robin, HK to HK, 2011

"Bliss did such an amazing job. Everyone commented on how fantastic everything was and that it looked straight out of a magazine.  The wedding day was perfect thanks to your professionalism and creative talent. Thank you!"
Katie & Matt, HK to HK, 2011

"Every one had a great time and I will highly recomend you to every one! It will definitely be an event that will be talked about for a very long time."
Kyrren & James, Tasmania to HK, 2011

"Having Bliss involved with the planning of our wedding in Hawaii was the best decision we made!  We could not have done it without them. Everything was done site unseen and it turned out exactly as we had imagined. Thank you for making our day so special!"
Rebecca & Bando, HK to Maui Hawaii, 2011

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Bliss. Making our ideas reality became so complicated, and required so much inside knowledge about weddings in general and holding events in Cambodia in particular, that I can say with no hyperbole that our wedding would not have happened had it not been for Sonya & her team.  It was perfect! It was more than we hoped for! Well done!"
Mary & Hugh, Australia to Siem Reap Cambodia, 2010

"From the minute I met Sonya and her team I felt completely comfortable and in very good hands. The friendly but professional attitude was fantastic and I felt very at ease when discussing ideas. Everyone was very helpful and everything was very organized. It was so great to know while I was away in the UK that Bliss were here in HK and taking care of things.  I felt the working relationship was just perfect and I would recommend Bliss without any hesitation to anyone!"
Emma & John, HK to HK, 2010

"Thank you very much for all your hard work. We had a great time and know that other people did too. The party would not have been possible without you."
Cindy & Jason, LA to HK, 2010

"Even though our wedding was small, Bliss made us feel like valued clients. Although we never met Bliss in person, all of our details were handled professionally and any hiccups adressed immediately. We had reservations leaving our wedding in the hands of strangers found on the internet but the end result was exactly what we were looking for."
Vicky & David, Canada to Bali Indonesia, 2010

"Our impression of Bliss Creations was excellent! They offered a friendly yet professional service. Sonya you have a calm and reassuring manner which was particular important being that we were overseas clients. You clearly listened to our vision and you certainly delivered on it. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone needing reassurance."
Juliette & Nick, UK to HK, 2009

"We are absolutely thrilled with how things turned out, and can't thank you all enough for all of your planning and work that went into making it what it was. We're completely thrilled, as were all of our guests. It was a real pleasure working with you all throughout." 
Johanna & Chris, HK to HK, 2009

"Our day was literally our fairytale come true, everything was perfect. We had a vision in our minds and you brought it to life with care, compassion and absolute professionalism."

Ariane & Daniel, HK to HK, 2009

"Huge thank you for all your efforts making this wedding possible! Not too sure how you do what you do and not get all emotional, but it puts smiles on everyone faces."
Lucy & Ben, HK to HK 2009

"Bliss was very helpful throughout the entire process. We chose them to be very involved from the beginning which made our lives much easier.  Thank you!"
Samantha & Alan, HK to Bali Indonesia, 2009

"We were very pleased with the service Bliss provided for our event in Hong Kong. It was a very personal service and everyone involved made the process very relaxed and easy. Bliss were excellent in understanding the type of wedding we wanted and went out of their way to ensure that this was achieved. They came up with great suggestions on how to make the day go smoothly and all the vendors involved were excellent. It was worth every penny!"
Natasha & Hayden, UK to HK, 2009

"Bliss did an excellent job organizing their first wedding in Beijing. Although it rained, Bliss was able to seamlessly rearrange the program of the evening to accomodate the unexpected turn of events. Many of our guests had never been to such a unique wedding in China and we would definitely recommend Bliss."
Sammie & Huan, HK to Beijing China, 2009

"It was the first time Bliss had organized an event in Cambodia and there were many challenges but we persevered and were rewarded with a more than perfect wedding and a dream come true. We took a chance with Bliss and it paid off in the end! It was a truly fantastic and memorable day not only for us but for our guests as well."
Eike & David, HK to Siem Reap Cambodia, 2009

"Bliss Creations and their team showed a genuine interest in making our wedding special. They came through with precision and professionalism and worked with us to ensure that what we wanted was what we got. With the multitude of options available to us they were able to cut through the meat and get to the bone. Their ideas and opinions were also very useful when having to make final decisions. We loved the venue in Sanya! Bliss and the team should be proud that they are a part of a persons most precious day of their lives."
Lorraine & Michael, HK to Sanya China, 2008

"We were very happy and delighted with the arrangements and personal help provided by the staff at Bliss for a perfect event in HK. Everything we asked for and expected was perfect! We would highly recommend Bliss as the organizsers for a wedding in Hong kong and would be delighted to offer personal recommendations if asked."
Janna & Richard, UK to HK, 2008

"Thank you so much! Everything was so perfect and lovely at our wedding in Hong Kong. We are very glad that we found your website and chose Bliss to be our wedding planner, without you and your team, we wouldn't have been so relaxed. Many of our guests told us that it was the most stylish and beautiful wedding they had ever been to. You simply have the best taste of everything related to weddings and brides. It was truly the happiest day of my life."
Sophia & Chris, China to HK, 2006

"Sonya was always available to brainstorm ideas and help us think through logistics.  She has great big picture as well as detail perspective and a wide network of fantastic vendors to recommend.  We planned much of our wedding ourselves but leaned completely on Bliss for execution on the wedding day and everything went better than we could have imagined.

Thank you Bliss for helping us coordinate a fabulous wedding in Hong Kong.  We were so happy with the way things turned out and had so much fun that two and a half weeks later and we’re still going through wedding withdrawal.  We are more than happy to talk to anyone about our experiences with you!"
Vanessa & Tim, HK to HK, 2006

"Bliss was fast at responding to a very last minute event. They were professional and creative and offered us the perfect wedding in Bali that suited our needs. The day itself and the venue were just perfect!  We would, and have already started recommending Bliss to other friends.  Many thanks for everything!"
Wendy & Mark, HK to Bali Indonesia, 2005

"Planning a wedding is stressful enough, and when it comes to your big day, it is so comforting to know that someone is taking care of all the little details.  That's exactly what Matrimonial Bliss did. They helped me organize everything, from the timing of the events of the evening, to delegating duties when help was needed.  Sonya was even on hand to make some last-minute placecards when some guests showed up unexpectedly!

They are professional, responsible, and obviously experienced with organizing and planning large events such as a wedding.  Knowing that my special day was in good hands, I was able to relax and enjoy myself.  

Sonya and Bliss was probably the best investment I made for the wedding in Seattle and I highly recommend her for any event planning." 
Eva & Jeff, USA to USA, 2005

“I got married last month in Hong Kong and Macau and would have been reduced to a whimpering wreck without Bliss! They were organized, resourceful and creative – exactly what you need when planning the biggest party of your life. Sonya took care of all the details very efficiently, allowing you and your intended to relax and enjoy the planning process and the actual wedding day. We wholeheartedly recommend Sonya and Matrimonial Bliss of Bliss Creations!
Julia & Les, HK to HK & Macau, 2005

" Thank you again for all your help throughout the planning process of our wedding in Maui. We couldn't have done it without you!"
Angela & Mike, HK to USA, 2005

"Without the help of Bliss, our wedding in Maui would have been impossible to relax and enjoy ourselves on the day of the wedding. Everything went as smooth as could be expected and now we have many happy memories of that day and evening to last us for a lifetime."
Agna & Richard, USA to USA, 2005